EVENT: Colloquium on Forests and Climate

EVENT: Colloquium on Forests and Climate

By Editor

24 September, 2014
1pm – 7:15pm
Roone Arledge Auditorium, Alfred Lerner Hall, Columbia University
New York City

To foster new thinking, CIFOR and the Earth Institute issued a challenge to six thought leaders on climate: Tell us your big ideas on how to change the future by challenging the present.

These thought leaders will present their responses in a special high-level scientific debate held as part of New York’s Climate Week in September, Colloquium on Forests and Climate: New Thinking for Transformational Change.

Following the presentations, participants will join leading climate and forestry experts in debating these fresh ideas, charting the future direction of climate research – and envisioning bold initiatives in forestry, landscapes and sustainability to improve the lives of millions.

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